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In The News

Results of the Evaluation of the Delivery of Health Care Services (Haiti Libre) >>
20 April 2014
Haiti Tourism Arrivals Up 20 Percent (The Caribbean Journal) >>
14 April 2014
In Conversation: Paul Farmer on Today's Tuberculosis Emergency and Our Path to Saving Millions of Lives (The Huffington Post) >>
24 March 2014
Impoverished Haiti Manufacturing Its Own Android Tablet (Reuters) >>
17 March 2014
Tax in Africa: In Conversation with Kieran Holmes (Africa Research Institute) >>
17 February 2014
Haiti’s Tale of Two Hospitals (The Star) >>
17 February 2014
Bill Clinton in Haiti to Visit His Foundation's Agriculture and Environment Projects (The Associated Press) >>
17 February 2014
Rwanda Pilots Innovative New Financing Mechanism (The Global Fund) >>
10 February 2014
Haitian President to US: Send Aid to Haiti Gov't Not NGOs (Voice of America) >>
7 February 2014
Haiti Partners See Progress, Challenges in Cholera Control (PAHO) >>
4 February 2014
2014 Gates Annual Letter: 3 Myths that Block Progress for the Poor (Gates Foundation) >>
21 January 2014
Mythbusters (Politico) >>
21 January 2014
PM Lamothe: Haiti Rebounding from Devastating Earthquake (Miami Herald) >>
13 January 2014
The Human Element: Melinda Gates and Paul Farmer on Designing Global Health (Wired) >>
12 November 2013
One of the World's Tiniest, Poorest Countries Is Redefining HIV Care (The Atlantic) >>
1 December 2013
Inspiring Action: President Clinton's Lifetime of Service (The Huffington Post) >>
20 November 2013
Global Fund Adopts New Financing Model (The New Times) >>
13 November 2013
Experts Urge More WATSAN Investments to Halt Cholera in Haiti, Prevent It from Spreading to More Countries (PAHO) >>
25 October 2013
Harvard University Symposium Celebrates "Reimagining Global Health" (Harvard Global Health Institute) >>
15 October 2013
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Haiti: Past, Present, and Future (American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene) >>
9 October 2013
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Modeling the Effect of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene and Oral Cholera Vaccine Implementation in Haiti (American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene) >>
9 October 2013
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Use of Oral Cholera Vaccine in Haiti: A Rural Demonstration Project (American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene) >>
9 October 2013
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Rwanda Inaugurates Ambulatory Cancer Center (All Africa) >>
21 August 2013
Redefining Global Health-Care Delivery (The Lancet, P. Farmer, J. Kim, M. Porter) >>
20 May 2013
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$29.1 Million Pledged to Support Cholera Elimination in Haiti and the Dominican Republic (PAHO) >>
31 May 2013
Twenty Fragile States Make Progress on Millennium Development Goals (The World Bank) >>
1 May 2013
Reduced Premature Mortality in Rwanda: Lessons From Success (British Medical Journal) >>
18 March 2013
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Rwanda’s Historic Health Recovery (The Atlantic) >>
20 February 2013
How Do You Support Teachers? Pay Them (Education For All Blog, Global Partnership For Education) >>
19 February 2013
Aid Worker Proposes Solution to Break Haiti's Vicious Cycle of Poverty (NBC News) >>
14 February 2013
Rwanda's Health Care Success Story (The New York Times) >>
4 February 2013
Haiti: Three Years after the Quake and Not Much Has Changed (Center for Global Development) >>
11 December 2012
Haiti: UN’s Paul Farmer Stresses Need to Build Systems that Break Cycles of Poverty (World Bank) >>
13 July 2012
Paul Farmer: 5 Lessons from Haiti's Disaster (Foreign Policy) >>
December 2010
Bill Clinton on Haiti: `My Job is to Keep the Work Going' >>
Saturday, July 10, 2010
Statement on the Publication of Presidential Decrees on Elections in Haiti >>
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Inside Bill Clinton's New Plan for Haiti (Esquire) >>
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Bill Clinton, in Haiti, Emphasizes Urgent Need for Sanitation and Health Care (New York Times) >>
Friday, February 05, 2010
Interview with Dr. Paul Farmer (PBS) >>
Tuesday, January 26, 2010